The Team

Avril Bacquain

Avril Bacquain is a natural juggler, and relationship builder, she holds an Associate Degree in Psychology and Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has been passionate about helping the poor and those marginalized in society for years. It was a dream born out of personal experience; being stigmatized because of various factors, she made it her mission to be different.

Kim-Loy Chung

Kim-Loy Chung (Kymmy the Hustler) is a marketer and all round creative with a BA in Integrated Marketing and Communication and years of experience within the sales and marketing field. She has been volunteering with various organizations even before her tenure at the University of the West Indies, and has continued her efforts to give back even now in her professional career. Outside of her professional life and volunteerism, she owns her creative brand “Kymmy the Hustler” by publishing vlogs on her YouTube channel.”

Antoinette Williams

Antoinette Williams is a young marketing professional with 7+ years experience in the field of marketing and customer service. She is also a devoted mother and has a passion for giving back to society. She grew up volunteering and has been doing so ever since she was young. This passion stems from her parents who have always taken in less fortunate children and are always giving back. This was passed down to her at a young age and she intends to pass it down to her child as well.

Stacy-Ann Wilson

Stacy-Ann Wilson is the founder of ODEM Foundation. She is a consultant and Social Entrepreneur with a passion for creating a better future for all. She truly values giving back to the community and this is how ODEM Foundation was born. As someone who has seen firsthand the struggles many people face, she aims to tackle these struggles and alleviate them as much as she can by utilizing her years of professional experience with her drive for philanthropy.

Tinika Charles

Tinika Charles who hails from the lovely twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago holds a BSc. in Behavioural Sciences obtained from the University of the Southern Caribbean and an MSc in Forensic Psychology from the Birmingham City University. She currently works in a professional capacity as a freelance youth development and engagement consultant. In addition to her work as a professional, Ms. Charles is a youth mentor and actively participates in volunteerism as she works closely with disenfranchised and underprivileged youth from various communities across the country