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Happy Portrait


Stacy-Ann Wilson Founder of Odem Foundation and Social Entrepreneur has always had a passion for giving back to communities in need. This giving back came in various forms such as donating funds to individuals in need, partnering with various organizations to bring about much-needed change and going a step further to even creating this very organization you see before you today. Having been brought up in a single-parent home in Waterhouse, an inner-city community in Jamaica, Mrs. Wilson has first-hand experiences of the various pitfalls that have inundated many of the individuals in these communities.  It was the summation of this that she had the vision to create a better world with brighter futures, starting right in her home community. Our goals and objectives derive directly from her passion to tackle issues that individuals not only in Jamaica but around the world face. Issues that systematically create difficult situations for people and hold them at an unfair disadvantage.

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