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ODEM Foundation is a non-profit organization charged with the mandate of contributing to community and nation-building through charitable initiatives.   The foundation was born out of the need to assist individuals, community-based organizations, non-profits, and other social organizations in furthering their work to make a positive impact in Jamaica and the world. We aim to do this through mission work in poor communities,  providing support in training, marketing, volunteerism, mentoring and fundraising.

  • Our vision is to create sustainable communities through the development and implementation of social change programs.

  • Our Mission at ODEM Foundation is to partner with non-profit and civic society organizations to identify and develop programs that assist in the transformation of communities.

We currently serve communities in the ways outlined below:
Love for Love Programme

Through an application process, on a minor scale, we provide funding or on a broader scope, fundraising assistance, under our Love for Love programme.  Our support varies based on the application as a chosen applicant may select either grant, fundraising assistance or qualified personnel as an application request.  Under this programme we are particularly interested in supporting charities involved in work in inner-city communities in the provision of services that impact family life, violence, literacy, housing, and basic family needs such as food and clean water.


We support community causes, involving women and children, in the area of poverty, violence, and other risks.

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