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Programmes 2023

“BalancedMind BetterYou”

Duration of program: 8 weeks

About the Program: “BalencedMind BetterYou” is a mental health and well-being program targeting the holistic development of children and young adults in state care facilities and in inner-city communities. At ODEM Foundation, we believe mental health and well-being plays a critical role in our development as the way we think determines the way in which we feel and the way we feel determines the way in which we act. As such, we endeavour to first focus on getting our participant’s minds in the right space. The “BalanceMind BetterYou” program targets not only participants' emotional, psychological, and social well-being but also their educational development. During this program, participants can be expected to receive education and other necessary resources on how to handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy life choices. In addition to this, they will be educated on Numeracy and Literacy Skills, Life-Skills, and gain  Mentorship. We hope to support participants by providing access to mental health practitioners, tutors, and facilitators and also access to other age-appropriate resources needed to promote healthy living and positive well-being in their communities.

Type of Program: Mental Health, Well-being, Literacy, Numeracy, Life-Skills, Workshop Facilitation Sessions, and Mentoring

Target Group: 10-18 years

Objectives: The goal of the “BalancedMind BetterYou” program is to provide individuals of the Salvation Army Windsor Lodge Children’s Home with resources needed to aid in their overall personal development. Noting this, the main  objectives of this program include:

  • Increasing the knowledge of participants on strategies they can utilise to manage their mental, social, and emotional wellbeing

  • Deconstructing popular myths surrounding mental health

  • Creating a safe space where participants are provided with the opportunity to gain skills needed for their personal development

  • Psychological and Social support in the form of therapy from qualified specialists

  • An increase in greater fluency in reading through literacy sessions

  • An increase in greater comprehension through literacy sessions

  • An increase in understanding of the various concepts and processes of mathematics and the ability to apply these in different contexts.

  • An increase in self-confidence

  • An increase in critical thinking

  • Fostering Self-Regulation 


Clothing and Food Drive 

Duration of program: Ongoing

About the Program: The main objective of this project is to provide suitable food and clothing to  less fortunate children and adults

Beneficiaries: Children at the Home, Men, Women, and Children in the Waterhouse Community.


Breakfast Feeding Program

Duration of program: Ongoing (During school semester)

About the Program: ODEM Foundation’s Breakfast Feeding Program feeding less fortunate children whose parents are unable to provide breakfast 

Beneficiaries: Children attending schools up to age 18 

Internet Cafe Upgrade 

Duration of program: Ongoing

About the Program: It is the aim of the "Waterhouse Community Centre Computer Lab Upgrade Project" to upgrade the current computer lab and establish a fully functional internet café on the premises. The Waterhouse Community Centre Lab located at 8 Batra Road Kingston will see upgrades being implemented to 10 out of the 20 units currently in the facility and is scheduled to take place across two (2) months. In addition to the aforementioned, the lab will provide quality service and would focus on serving all customer’s needs in the community of Waterhouse. Services will be geared towards the development of individuals, to sustain and maintain the lab and, to the development of the Waterhouse community.

Volunteer Type: Tutors (basic computing microsoft office skills)

Location: Waterhouse Community Centre

Type of Program: Lab Upgrade

Beneficiaries: Residents in the Waterhouse Community


Homework Session- After School Helpers Homework Program

Duration of program: Ongoing

About the Program: After-School Helpers Homework Program is an after-school program catered towards students in primary through secondary school ages 8-17. Located at the Waterhouse Community Centre, After-School Helpers provides a safe, quiet, and structured environment for students to complete their assignments. 

Volunteer Type: Tutors/ Teachers 

Donations: Books, Pens, Juices and Snacks

Location: Waterhouse Community

Type of Program: Homework Program 

Beneficiaries: Young children in the Waterhouse Community

Love for Love Programme

Through an application process, on a minor scale, we provide funding or on a broader scope, fundraising assistance, under our Love for Love programme.  Our support varies based on the application as a chosen applicant may select either grant, fundraising assistance or qualified personnel as an application request.  Under this programme we are particularly interested in supporting charities involved in work in inner-city communities in the provision of services that impact family life, violence, literacy, housing, and basic family needs such as food and clean water.

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