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Odem Foundation's mandate is to contribute to community and nation-building through charitable initiatives.

We achieve this under the following service pillars:

  • We support community or individual causes that are centered around disability, poverty, and violence

  • We develop campaigns that focus on supporting a cause or bringing attention to specific grassroots needs

  • We work in communities, giving our time through volunteer service

  • We run Love 4 Love Projects, where we support projects initiated by different community partners

  • We develop and manage life skills workshops and remedial education programmes

  • We partner with youth clubs to provide mentors and help these groups succeed in becoming respectable members of society

Some of our broad scope day to day activities and initiatives relating to our main pillars above are as follows. : 

  • To improve the economic and social conditions of the poor and needy throughout the Caribbean by collaborating and assisting charitable organizations who operate in this area with funding to serve those in need, by reason of youth, age,      ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.

  • To support and spearhead, charitable and community causes

  • To solicit, accept and use contributions of funds and other property for the support of community development, poverty reduction and the objects described above. 

  • To foster local, Caribbean and foreign mission work in poor communities, and to provide support in volunteerism, mentoring and funding.

  • To accept and disseminate books, computers, food, clothing, and other property donations to less fortunate areas in Jamaica and the Caribbean for the advancement of the poor and community development.

  • To liaise, collaborate with or to conduct exchange programs with local, Caribbean and international groups, organizations or institutions having similar interests as described in the objects contained therein.

  • To share charity, non-profit and grant funding news to benefit individuals and non-profit organizations

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